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Kids Camera Action! is a unique filmmaking school, aimed at kids between the ages of 8 and 16yo.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kids Camera Action! is the brain child of local Adelaide actress and award winning filmmaker, Chloe Gardner. Combining her passions for performance and film with her love of teaching children the creative arts, Kids Camera Action! has been developed as a valuable and enriching extra curricular activity.

Through an interactive and hands on approach, kids are taught all the fundamentals of basic film production. Once the stories are locked in, and the pre-production is complete, the film shoot begins. Each child takes a turn being the director, assisting with the camera operation, scouting locations, acting out the scenes, editing, etc

Emphasising creativity and team work, the Kids Camera Action! workshops are delivered in three unique and fun formats.

During the school term, kids have the opportunity to be part of After School Workshops or the Weekend Workshops, while every school holiday kids have the opportunity to be part of the fun filled Holiday Workshops which are run over three consecutive days at various community centres and venues.

At the end of the year the cast, crew and family are invited to a premiere night, held at a local Adelaide cinema where all the films produced will be screened at a gala event.

Enter the world of Film and discover the magic of Movie Making!


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